Towbar Fitting

At All-Fit Towbars we only fit towbars manufactured by specialist suppliers such as Westfalia, Witter, Brink, Bosal, Tow-Trust and PCT.

As members of the National Towbar & Trailer Association (NTTA) Quality Secured Scheme we work to the highest standards using workshop best practice. We offer exceptional customer service and provide guaranteed workmanship on all our work.

NTTA Member

Towbar Servicing

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the components that we use and our complete workmanship, for the period in which you own the vehicle.

In order to do this we ensure that:

  • We provide the type of tow bar that you require or advise you which one is suitable for your vehicle; a swan neck, detachable or flange ball
  • We also stock bumper protector plates for standard or detachable tow bars
  • We have a comprehensive range of socket mounting plates suitable for your vehicle
  • We stock stabilizers and all mounting plates
  • We hold in stock the specialist wiring modules suitable for the modern vehicle
  • We take every precaution to protect your vehicle both inside and out
  • We try to fit into your schedule whenever possible
  • We can offer you the use of our Courtesy Car or free local collection and return of your vehicle

Mobile Service

Sorry we don't offer a mobile service; we believe it is important to fit towbars in our own purpose-designed workshop by our team of qualified fitters using the correct equipment and tools. As a customer you get to see where and how we operate, and if you ever need any advice or a towbar checking in the future you'll know where to find us.

Towbar Quotes

Please provide details of your vehicle's make and model, year of manufacture or registration number and whether you require a fixed or detachable towbar with trailer or caravan electrics. We'll get back to you with a competitive price and expert advice on the most suitable towbar for your vehicle.

Click here to request a no-obligation towbar quote.

Which Towbar Do I Need?

Fixed Towbars

As well as being functional and easy to fit, fixed towbars offer excellent value for money.

Swan Neck

This is the most common type of towbar used across Europe, with a slimmer profile than a flange towbar, and is compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

  • Compatible with AL-KO stabilisers
  • Less likely to trigger reversing sensors
  • Can attach a cycle carrier but you can't tow at the same time
  • Cannot be fitted with a bumper shield
Swan Neck Towbar

Flange Ball

Traditionally used in the UK for all serious forms of towing and generally the most cost effective option. A 50mm towball is bolted to a two or four hole plate (vehicle dependant) that also allows the fitting of a 25mm spacer so that accessories such as a towbar mounted cycle carrier can be used.

  • Tow and carry cycles at the same time (subject to nose load limits)
  • Bumper shields can be fitted
  • AL-KO towballs can be fitted
  • The towing height can be adjusted on commercial and 4x4 four-hole plate towbars
  • A choice of towing couplings and accessories can be fitted
Flange Ball Towbar

Detachable Towbar

Mainly used in the rest of Europe and slimmer than a flange bar, detachable towbar systems have become increasingly popular as they have the added benefit of not being on the vehicle when not required

  • Towball is removed when not in use preserving 'shins'
  • Unrestricted access to the boot
  • AL-KO and other friction type stabilisers can be fitted
  • Won't trigger reversing sensors when not towing
  • Can attach a cycle carrier but you cant tow at the same time
Detachable Towbar

Towbar Supplied & Fitted

Westfalia Towbars

Westfalia are one of the leading manufacturers of towbars across the world, having manufactured more than 12 million towbars for use with cars and light vehicles. Their products are specially developed in co-operation with the automobile industry to match each vehicle model. For the 6th consecutive year, the towbars from Westfalia-Automotive won the Best Brand 2011 award in the towbar category from the leading German automotive magazine "auto motor und sport".

For the Westfalia Product Finder click here!

Westfalia Towbars

Tow-Trust Towbars

Tow-Trust Towbars are one of Europe's largest towing bracket manufacturers with over 30 years experience. Using the latest CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / manufacturing technology) the towbars are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards, and conform to all relevant standards including the latest EC94/20 regulations.

For the Tow-Trust Product Finder click here!

Tow-Trust Towbars

Witter Towbars

Witter are the UK's largest manufacturer of towbar systems. They are an independent company and have recently celebrated their 50th year in business. This experience gives them the confidence to provide all towbars with a genuine lifetime guarantee known as the Witter Shield of Safety.

For the Witter Product Finder click here!

Witter Towbars

Brink Towbars

For over 100 years, Brink has been a top player in developing, manufacturing and testing towbars and highly values quality, user-friendliness and safety. Brink offers a wide variety of towbars and wiring kits to provide a quality and safe solution for virtually all car makes.

Brink Towbars

BOSAL Towbars

BOSAL are now one of Europe's largest manufacturers with a range of flanged, swan-neck and detachable towing brackets. Type approved towing brackets for 'S' registered vehicles onwards.

Bosal Towbars

PCT Towbars

PCT Towbars are one of Europe's leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of towbars, towing electrics and automotive products. Their precision engineering heritage dates back over 80 years and they offer one of the most comprehensive and best quality towbar and towing accessory product ranges in Europe.

PCT Towbars