Towbar Vehicle Coding

Dedicated Vehicle Specific Wiring – Westfalia Auto-Code

More and more vehicles now require a dedicated vehicle specific wiring harness. These are designed to integrate with the vehicle electrical systems and sometimes into the vehicle canbus system.

AutoCode - Towbar Vehicle Coding

When these are fitted some vehicles are required to be coded, this means that the vehicle understands that the vehicle will be towing and thus activate the necessary function on the car.

Here at All-Fit we use Westfalia’s AutoCode service tool.

Covering all towing functions such as trailer stability control, electronic stability program, reversing sensor cut off or dashboard display indicator functions, the coding tool is able to program the vehicle at the time of installation.

With vehicle electronics getting more complex it is often important that this is the best way to wire up a towbar, whether 7 pin or 13 pin trailer or caravan. We use a range of wiring kits from original manufacturers, Right Connections and ECS, who all supply products with full EC Type approval.