Top reasons to get your trailer serviced with us

Top reasons to get your trailer serviced with us

It’s recommended leisure trailers are serviced every 12 months and commercial trailers every 6 months or 10000 miles. Why is this so important? 


A wide range of trailer parts are inspected. 

We offer a 20-point check for your trailer which covers wheels, electrics, brakes & lights as well as inspection of the general condition of the body. Faulty lights, brakes and worn tyres are the most common faults found on trailers but with a thorough service check even obscure issues and faults will be found while they can be easily rectified before creating more costly issues. 


Road incidents involving trailers are on the increase. 

If you’re towing a trailer you need to be aware how dangerous towing a neglected trailer can be. There have been numerous accidents involving trailers in states of disrepair and statistics are starting to show an increase in the percentage of road incidents caused by trailers. Ensuring your trailer is road safe decreases the risk of damage being caused to your trailer, any items you carry, as well as yourself and others on the road! 


Spot checks show most trailers on the road have faults. 

It may seem as if everything ticking along nicely with your trailer but in an example of officers stopping towing vehicles the NTTA noted that only 12 out of 34 were clear of faults. Many of the drivers were issued with fines and some even got points on their licence. A visual inspection by a trained professional like our free safety check will highlight issues you may be unaware of before they create problems.  


Our services are NTTA endorsed. 

The NTTA (national trailer & towing association) is a not-for-profit organisation and is the main body in the UK representing the light towing industry. We are a Quality Secured member, with an independent annual assessment rating our customer service, workshop practice, staff knowledge and facilities & equipment. You can feel confident in our professionalism when checking your trailer. After the service, record sheets are individually numbered and NTTA will keep a record of the findings. 


Call us on 01543 257888 or email to book in your service today. 

If any faults are found, you will be under no obligation to have them repaired with us, but we will be happy to either undertake the required work for an agreed price or supply any required parts enabling you to make the trailer legal and roadworthy yourself.