Choosing your Thule Roof Bars

Choosing your Thule Roof Bars

We currently stock 3 designs of Thule roof rack and the question is, what’s the difference between them?

Thule WingBar Evo

An immensely popular bestseller these bars are designed in the shape of an aeroplane wing making the Wingbar Evo roof rack system highly aerodynamic with wind noise reduced by up to 90% and your fuel consumption lowered. They feature a large loading area so you can fit a wide range of Thule carriers and accessories which all attach easily using Thule’s T-track system.

Thule WingBar Edge

The sleekest option when it comes to roof bars the Wing Bar Edge system are akin to the original WingBar design, but they don’t extend outside of the roof area and have a low-profile design. This means not only are they the most attractive option but the quietest and most fuel efficient with minimum wind resistance.

Thule SquareBar Evo

This roof rack system is often touted as a basic set-up, featuring classic steel square bars with a black polymer coating. The steel construction makes them tough with the plastic coating adding enhanced levels of durability, and they come in 5 sizes so there should be a match for your car whatever the model may be. If you want a cost-effective bar without compromising on quality these are a perfect option.

Making your choice

Fortunately, there is no bad choice when it comes to deciding between Thule roof bars. It ultimately comes down to your budget and requirements. For a more basic, sturdy, cheaper option, look at the SquareBar system. The WingBar edge suits those on the other end of the scale with more money to spend, interested in state-of-the-art design. Sitting somewhere in the middle are the WingBar Evo bars which also have the advantage of a larger loading area so if you need to pack your roof with as many carriers and accessories as possible, they could be the one for you.

Whichever bars you choose we fit them onto your car free of charge and walk you through use of whatever carriers and accessories you decide to add on. We also offer a key matching service, so you can have the same key number for all your Thule products.

Call us on 01543 257888 or email discuss further and check what you need to fit the bars to your car.