Window Tinting

We use only the most advanced films available and along with a fully professional installation using up to date techniques your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Such as the confidence in the quality of the materials we use, all of our automotive work comes with a lifetime of ownership guarantee.

We also provide film solutions to the commercial sector that are experiencing glass related problems such as glare, heat and privacy. We have applied film to shop fronts, offices, hospitals and domestic homes. If its flat glass we’ll film it!

Film Shades

Our automotive range is of the highest quality available. The stylish and high performing films are anti-fade, non-metalised and offer superior optical clarity.

We offer 4 grades of shades and we can advise you on which shade would best suit your requirements.

Contact us today for a highly competitive quote without compromising the quality.

  1. LIGHT SMOKE (55%) - A subtle hint of a tint
  2. MEDIUM SMOKE (35%)- An executive finish
  3. DARK SMOKE (18%) - Factory finish
  4. LIMO BLACK (5%) - Ultimate privacy

Window Tinting Laws

UK road traffic laws state that the front drivers and passengers windows must allow 70% VLT (visible light transmission) to pass through the glass. On most makes of cars the glass is already at this level and by having any darker film applied to these windows could result in a fine or automatic prohibition of the vehicle.

As for behind the drivers door (b-pillar) there is no restriction to whatever grade of film you have fitted