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The NTTA Membership Commits to Quality Secured

In 2008 the membership of the NTTA voted by ballot that all eligible members must join the NTTA Quality Secured scheme by the end of 2010.

Your NTTA is a members association formed in 1975 to support and promote the UK light trailer and towing industry. It was formed to give small, medium and large businesses the added strength of a national organisation.

  • Promoting the responsible use and maintenance of light trailers.
  • Promoting the correct installation of towbars and electrical systems
  • Improving the skills and expertise of trailer drivers
  • Providing Trailer Technician & Towbar Technician training and accreditation schemes
  • Increasing use of trailers by promoting their benefits
  • Representing the towing industry at Government and EC levels
  • You receive Newsletters with information on changing legislation and other topics relevant to your business
  • Free access to a legal helpline for all aspects of the law
  • Discounted Trailer Insurance for your trailer hire fleet
  • You can attend 2 meetings each year with the leading suppliers and top quality presentations
  • Your company is included on the NTTA top performing website (50,000 visits per month!) to promote your own business and link to your own website
  • You are not alone and have a voice in shaping your industry.

"What is NTTA Quality Secured?"

NTTA Quality Secured is a customer care quality scheme monitored and run by Towing Solutions for the National Trailer and Towing Association Limited who are the official trade association for the UK light trailer and towbar industry.

The scheme promotes:

  • Industry Standards
  • Workshop Best Practice
  • Customer Service
  • Guaranteed Workmanship

When NTTA members join the Quality Secured scheme they open themselves to self-evaluation and self-improvement through independent assessing. And, in so doing, have made the commitment. They have joined "the cream of the towing industry."

"How does Quality Secured help me?"

"Get a fair price for the job and take no loss on turnover?"

The NTTA Quality Secured scheme is designed to give your customers confidence when purchasing services or equipment through a Quality Secured member company. To help your customers be safe in the knowledge that by using the services of a member company they have official industry backup.
More business and better profit margins! The buying public wants to feel comfortable and confident dealing with their suppliers. The majority of customers are content to pay a fair price for a good job.

"Your customers will return to the comfort zone when they buy from you."

  • My customer base travels over 100 miles for our QS approved towbar fitting service
  • Our company sells our standard trailer range to people who collect from over 200 miles away
  • QS is great news, our workshop's trailer servicing diary is booked 2 to 3 weeks ahead
  • QS helps give us the edge to make competitive prices for good workmanship

" These are actual statements made by Quality Secured member companies!"

Other Benefits

Below are a few of the benefits that your company will receive as a member of Quality Secured:

  • Support and promotion by user groups e.g. Camping & Caravaning Club, the Caravan Club, National Utilities, Local Authorities, Specialist Groups, Assoc. of British Horse Box Owners, etc. and from the NTTA?s user training programs. Between them this comes to over 1 million members of the active UK towing community!
  • Effective 24 hours a day. 7 days a week - national promotion through the NTTA website (which receives approx. 50,000 visits per month) directing customers through "The Buyers Guide" to Quality Secured members
  • A reliable knowledge base, information pooling, networking and technical backup
  • Clear guidance on standards and quality issues
  • Support for improvement guidance and appraisal from respected assessors
  • A workable complaints and arbitration procedure

If we join, will we get accredited?

Check out the questions below and the lists on the pages following. You will see the standards that will be required and be able to judge for yourself. If you are serious about your business ? Quality Secured will help you make your business serious. Joining NTTA Quality Secured has little risk and can only benefit your company.

Essential Questions

  1. Companies joining the scheme must be members of the NTTA.
  2. Will you be prepared always to work to the QS code of practice?
  3. Will you be prepared to have your work inspected to see that it is always of the agreed, required standard?
  4. Will you be prepared to invest in your staff and send them on NTTA training courses?

If you have answered yes to those questions, continue and look at the lists of the standards against which members will be assessed.

The standards against which you will be assessed

Amongst other things the assessor will look for:

  • Evidence of knowledge and skills to work on vehicle management systems or trailers.
  • A full tool kit available including all quality-critical tools
  • Safe and suitable working environment/situation (In the case of mobile fitters, it should be checked, before the job commences, that a suitable off road location is available where the work can be done.)
  • Detailed booking in and checking of trailer or vehicle before work starts.
  • Correct components and methods being used.
  • A documented customer support & service
  • Suitable standard of customer facilities in Premises/Vehicles

You will be expected to keep records to enable an assessor to see that you maintain the agreed standards at all times. Template forms will be provided in the scheme entry pack.

Easy Access to Help

We will make it easy to get help. Examples of how you will be able to access advice are:

  • Template forms supplied with your entry pack
  • Friendly On-line phone help
  • Help by fax or Email
  • Certificated training courses in trailer maintenance, towbar fitting & wiring
  • Training packages tailored to any demand that emerges
  • ONLY 5 fittings or trailer services or sales per YEAR pays for your place in NTTA Quality Secured

Contact us now for further details and costs.

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