Motion XT Roof Boxes

Thule Motion XT | Ultra spacious and modern.

If you are in need of a more stylish and spacious roof box and want the very latest design features, then you really don't have to look any further! The all-new range of Thule Motion XT creates a completely new concept and level for superior roof top carrying solutions.

With a weight carrying capacity of 75Kgs, the new Thule Motion XT range enables large or bulky luggage etc., to be carried with ease. Incorporated in to their design is a striking new look that echo's the shapes of many new cars that have recently been introduced. Clever engineering exploits space efficiency and easy handling, with each box incorporating Thule's special innovative Power-Click Mounting System, and Dual-Sided, easy lid lifting and closing from both sides of the vehicle. Whether you want to carry luggage, skis, snowboards or golf clubs or even the kitchen sink there is a Motion XT that will offer the perfect solution for all of your needs.

Fitting the Motion XT to a pair of roof bars could not be simpler, thanks to the extra wide PowerClick quick mounting system. The integrated torque indicators click when the correct tension is reached, this takes all the guess work out of how tight it needs to be attached to the bars.

The completely new next generation Slidelocking system automatically locks the lid in place and visually indicates when the box is locked securely. Outer handles and lid support lifters are provided for easy operation of the opening and closing of the lid.

Thule Motion XT Sport Glossy Black Roof Box (300 ltr)


Thule Motion XT Medium Glossy Black Roof Box (400 ltr)


Thule Motion XT Large Glossy Black Roof Box (450 ltr)


Thule Motion XT X Large Glossy Black Roof Box (500 ltr)

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